Top 5 Summer '14 Trends

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Top 5 Summer Trends

Top 5 Summer Trends: 1) Crop Tops | 2) Metallics | 3) Florals | 4) Menswear Inspired | 5) Mixing Prints

I don't know about you, but having an overwhelming amount of information at our speedy fingertips can be, well...overwhelming.  Fashion Week typically happens for the next season 6 months in advance, and at around that same time, the current season goods are being shipped.  Adding to the confusion is certain 
trends linger for more than one season.  So the hot trends for this season in some ways are blurring with the previous and next seasons.  

A perfect example is mixing prints which is huge for both now, and into fall/winter 2014.  This late in the summer (sale alert!) you are probably on top of this season's hottest trends.  Here are my Top 5 Picks, and styling tips to easily refresh your wardrobe.  Incorporate all or pick only the trends that resonate with you.

[Fashion Trends] Summer Couture in Paris

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street couture

runway couture 

giddyup!  trend-saddler

striped 3-piece suit... for women

more menswear inspired trend

print to the max

pleats please

sheer dressing

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Haute Couture Fashion Shows in Paris might be fashion's grandest stage, but that's a thing of the past.  What used to be an all week bi-annual runway show is now a 4 day affair. Altogether there are 16 designers showcasing their Fall 2014 Couture collections, and only a handful of them are legendary couture houses. Sadly, Haute Couture is a dying art, with each garment made by hand, and often involve intricate details and/or heavy embroideries.  Each garment can take up to 4 months to complete; hence the hefty price tags. As with anything, ultimately it's about supply and demand, and in our casual modern day, the demand is simply not there. Granted, couture was never entirely about commercialism, but for publicity as well.

Take a look at the street style during Paris Couture Fashion Week, and you'll see relevant examples of the dwindling old couture everywhere.  Gone are the razzle dazzle of the glamorously dressed, perfectly made up, and bejeweled women.  Instead, we see avant-garde couture paired with Birkenstock, and attention hording 'fashionistas' (giddyup cowgirl!) with no real fashion sense.  Luckily, to counter strike that, we have legit trendsetters demonstrating many of the current season and F/W 14 ready-to-wear trends like menswear inspired suiting, bold prints, and sheer dressing.  Perhaps, our cowgirl will pick up a few styling tips from the pros!!

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