[Fashion & Styling] Fashionably late to blog

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Well, I have finally come to a realization that not all bloggers are undeserving critics. In fact, some bloggers have respectable journalism degrees, some are industry leaders in all different fields wanting to share their knowledge, some simply blog for fun. Whatever the reason, bloggers these days can be quite influential in pop culture, politics, or anything for that matter... I better get with it!

To start off, I want to share the things that always brighten my day- Fashion & Travel!

Hoss Intropia S/S 2010 Collection - effortless statement pieces, I especially love their prints! Select styles are available at http://www.shoppromesse.com/.

Virtual Travel

Day dreaming of traveling to somewhere far and exotic, like this spa boat moored in the Arctic city of Tromsø.  Imagine waking up to the panoramic views of the Arctic landscape after all sorts of spa indulgence... ahhh, life is better than good!

Photographed by Bent Raanes and Sarah Cameron Sorensen

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