[Live Life] Mod Moms Out

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Last week, I was able to escape from the family and head out to see Sex and the City 2 with my "mom posse" in hopes for a stain-free, dolled-up, fun and exciting GNO at the movies.  And so after sitting through 146 minutes of witty humor and countless sexual inuendoes weaving through the usual Bushnel perspective of life, love and work, I did manage to not get any spit-up on my dress, had an overall fun evening with the gals, but, did not achieve the sensation of "excitement".  Why?

What the heck happened to the amazing fashions that we all have come to adore from Sex and the City???  While I could not ask for more from the storyline, I, as well as the ladies, felt a bit shortchanged with the wardrobe "malfunctions".  

As most SATC fans know, Patricia Fields was the stylist behind the TV and movie series, which led to her becoming a household name.  However, some of you may not know that she started her career as a free-spirited, flamboyant fashion icon, designing provocative pieces for her Greenwich Village boutique- House Of Fields.  Though, you couldn't tell from watching the TV series because she had made the smart choice of stying the four leading ladies with trendsetting but wearable outfits. 


Ms. Fields' eccentric taste in fashion may not always match mine, but I believe she is quite smart, creative and, most importantly, versatile.  While her personal style may be non-scripted, she is truly a visionary and has the ability to reach a global clientele.  From The Devil Wears Prada, Ugly Betty to Cashmere Mafia, we have witnessed the most notable trends set by films and TV shows styled by her.  Now only if she stuck to what made her famous and showed me exquisite designer pieces that I had to drool over, my GNO could have been exciting!

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