[Fashion & Styling] DIY: Heirloom Creations

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Ever wonder how heirloom pieces become heirloom pieces?  Heirloom by definition is a family possession handed down from generation to generation.  I often wonder what fascinating stories are behind some of the most exquisite hierloom jewelry, vase and furniture pieces at auctions, museums and homes of the rich & famous.  The later are often featured in one of my favorite glossy magazines- W.


Being extremely selective about fashion and design, I have decided to create my own hierloom piece of jewelry for my son.  Nothing grand, just momentous.  A couple of days ago, I took a gifted traditional Chinese gold bracelet (from my dad to my son) and some of my old jewelry pieces (permanently parked in a jewelry box) to a jeweler for a consultation.  The result?  A gorgeous one-of-a-kind gold & silver dog tag necklace is in the making... can't wait to share it with you in 2-3 weeks!  

1 comment

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