[Live Life] Yogilicious

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My renewed obsession lately is yoga. Bikram, Power Vinyasa, Bar Yoga... all things yoga! I must have gone to all the yoga studios within the 20-miles radius of my shop.  Now only if my schedule permits for more than one weekly session, I could possibly be bikini-ready just in time for an upcoming trip!

Check out these great studios around the Kirkland area:

When one thinks of yoga, one associates it with tranquility, as it is the perfect combination of strength conditioning for the body and soul.  Though my recollection of my first Bikram class was rather restless.  The 90 minutes long class in 100+ degree temp had me eyeing the door in attempts to escape and never return.  What was all the hype anyway?  Indeed, it was the hype that got me curious enough to give it another chance.  Perhaps, second chances do happen for a reason...   

If you are a fellow yogi, don't be shy, leave a comment and share your experience here!

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