[Fashion & Styling] Need a Personal Stylist?

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Are Stylists just for celebrities?  Not... necessarily.  Stylists, Personal Shoppers, Image & Wardrobe Consultants --whatever you want to call it-- seem to be in a high demand these days for your average Joes or Janes.  However, I think it's deservedly so.  Why not pay a one time service fee for a lifetime of good advice?  But, the key word here being good advice!  There are too many self-proclaimed "Fashion Stylists" out there, so it' important to do your research before employing one.  Ask yourself the following questions when choosing a Personal Stylist, in terms of:

  • her knowledge of the fashion industry- what makes this person an expert?
  • her keen eye on fashion trends and styling- how does she dress herself?
  • her ability to be truthful- does she know and respect your physical assets/short-comings?  (Unlike Michael Star tees, not one size fits most!  The coveted jegging might not flatter you, while the "it" trend will most likely flatten your wallet as they tend to be fads.)
  • her understanding of you - does she understand your lifestyle needs?  A gorgeous evening gown is a gorgeous gown wasted if you don't entertain or have events to wear it to.

World's most famous celebrity Stylist- Rachel Zoe

Over the years, I've collected many styling tips from trendsetters and developed my own that I pass on to my clients regularly.  Stay tuned for my insiders' tips on a separate blog session.  In the meantime, leave a comment if you have any fashion dilemma, I will try my best to help!


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