[Fashion & Styling] Top 5 Essential Tips

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Following up on my "Need A Stylist?" blog on 9/2, I wanted to share some of my own tried & tested styling tips. Below are the top five I share with my clients regularly.
  1. Know your body- emphasize your assets while minimize your flaws. If you have lean arms & legs, but a round mid-section, hide the mid-section by wearing billowy tops that happens to be the continuing trend!
  2. Keep a balance- if you are short, keep things streamlined to create length. Pairing a long tunic or oversized top with cropped jean or pant, and ankle boots is too choppy for your height. An easy fix would be a tunic top with jegging or legging, and knee high boots.
  3. Don't be afraid of colors, there are many different shades within a color. The grey that you thought could ashen your face may not be the case if it has a mauve or warm undertone to it.  Whether it's clothing, bag or shoes, bold colors can easily spice up any outfit.
  4. Wear prints- prints are fun and can disquise "problem" areas.
  5. Hem your jeans- if you've already spend about $200 on a pair of designer jeans, what's another $15-$20 to have the absolute perfect pair?  The length that works well with both your flats and high heels (2 "- 3") is having your jeans hemmed to be grazing the floor.  This allows for long-term shrinkage.  In case you forget to bring shoes to your Tailor, a neat trick is to tip-toe about 1 - 1 1/2" off the floor while she pin the bottom of your jean to touch the floor.

Photo curtesy of:  http://www.imdb.com/media/rm2140048640/tt0338427
If hiring a Stylist is a splurge, then steal your local boutique Shopgirls.  They are your complimentary fashion experts!  

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