[Fashion & Styling] Victoria Beckham

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Victoria Beckham, the Designer

In a sea of celebrity designers (seriouslySnooki has a Baby line); there are a handful who have truly earned the "Designer" title.  Victoria BeckhamMary-Kate & Ashley OlsenGwen Stefaniand Georgina Chapman.  Granted, money and fame propelled their fashion careers, but it also takes true talent and passion for its successes to continue.  Anyone with fame can slap their name on a product, but will it stick?  

What distinguish these four are their distinctive taste, strong fashion point of view, and hands-on attitude.  As much as Mrs. Beckham always lived a privilege life even prior to her Posh days (she begged not to be dropped off at school in a Rolls Royce); and despite her International style icon status, her career in fashion did not take off instantly.  First, she dabbled with design back in 2004 by partnering with then hot denim brand Rock & Republic.  Unfortunately, that partnership went sour and resulted in a lawsuit.  Then she developed her own mediocre (yep, I went there) denim line called dVb Style. And finally, third time is the charm, I LOVE her Victoria Beckham line!  Debuted in spring of 2009, her body skimming shift dresses have become her signature look.  Fast forward to current day, her collections have only flourished with time and experience.  I'm really impressed with her consistent aesthetics, good tailoring, and experimental use of luxe fabrics.  Bravo Victoria!  

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