[Fashion & Styling] Amazing Grace, Grace Coddington

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It isn't often that I get super excited for a book launch, but I am currently anxiously awaiting the book Grace: A Memoir due out November 20th!  Rachel Zoe might be the most famous celebrity stylist, but Grace Coddington by far is the most credible and iconic stylist; who is also Creative Director of American Vogue magazine.  While Anna Wintour is synonymous with Vogue, most people weren't too familiar with the amazing Grace until The September Issue, a documentary debuted in 2009.

My newer favs:  The Wizard of Oz spread styled by Grace for December 2005 issue

Fans of Ms. Coddington are quite obsessive (myself included) with her work because she is an amazing visual narrator!  She not only creates lavish fantasia-like images, but with a practical purpose; to showcase the season's most important runway looks.  Left brain, right brain... they seem equally genius in her case! 

young grace, the model

At age 71, Ms. Coddington has achieved much success and has a fascinating personal life as well.  One including a successful modeling career in the swinging 60's in London and Paris until a car accident disfigured her eyes.  Why the obsession with Grace?  I guess aside from her admirable talent, I find her to be humble and genuinely NICE- a rare trait in fashion at her stature. 


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