[Fashion & Styling] Fashion Evolution

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18th century dress
19th century dress

Since the French Revolution era (actually earlier), fashion has evolved tremendously on the one hand.  On the other, Designers have consistently focused on the 3 key assets to a female body; bust, tiny waist, and booty.    

early 20th century dresses
modern day wedding gown

Gone were the petticoats and suffocating corsets (thank god!), but no doubt Designers have been and will continue to play around the same physical assets as pictured above and below.  A little side note, peplum dresses are ideal for the hour-glassed women.

modern day peplum dresses worn by Beyonce, Emma Stone and Miranda kerr

After a full day of kids activities yesterday at Remlinger FarmsI plopped down on the sofa in attempt to blog about the final round (Paris FW ends tomorrow) of Fashion Week. Marie Antoinette the movie playing in the background got the better of me.  The breathtaking monumental Versailles (especially seen in person), and fabulous 18th century costumes were all too awe inspiring.  Two hours and a history re-education later, I was more enthused with the topic of fashion evolution.

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