[Design & Staging] Kitchen Remodel Ideas

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Lately, I find myself designing a new kitchen down to every detail... in my head.  House hunting is never easy, unless you are in a position to buy your dream home.  Since we weren't, we came close to a perfect home (for now) over a year ago; with the exception of a tiny kitchen.  Even though we're no stranger to compact spaces (after all, my husband and I shared a shoebox-sized studio in Manhattan for several years), we're anxiously awaiting a kitchen renovation. 
Modern Kitchen design

If you too have a small kitchen and can't afford to knock down walls, the above 3 images are good examples of decorating tricks to create the impression of a bigger space.
  • Design with clean lines.
  • Paint cabinets white, light color or the same color as the wall
  • Replace cabinet doors with glass doors
  • Make use of recess storage (see refrigerators); keep all spaces uncluttered
  • Direct the eye upward.  Choose patterns/visual elements that create greater height 

If you like a DIY challenge, try moving or knocking down those unnecessary walls!  In this case, you have more options to create space, heck maybe even your ideal kitchen. Err, within your given basic framework of course.  The above 2 images are giving me ideas on how to achieve my own "dream kitchen".  Can't wait!


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