[Fashion & Styling] Sheer Nudity Runway vs. Realway

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Nina Ricci- simply layer a Hanro camisole under this gorgeous pokadot tulle top.  Add a minaudiere, a fitted leather jacket, and you are ready for a night at the opera or a fancy cocktail party.  See below.

The fact that she's only half dressed makes it incredibly easy to re-dress her.  Throw on this Alexander Wang sweater and replace her transparent hat with a Kangol casual bucket hat for that chic urban look.  

Runway or Run-Away nudity?  I would say both looks offer shock value, yet the beautiful workmanship and artsy painted topless make them fantastic runway looks.  The tricky thing about runway looks is that they are hardly ever commercial enough for real people. In this case, I think both can be easily converted into cocktail-wear and urban streetwear, respectively.  See the captions on how I would do it.  

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