[Fashion & Styling] Roberto Del Carlo

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Every year around this time, I struggle with finding the perfect boot; sleek enough to wear with dresses and skirts, yet rugged enough and wide (shaft) enough to fit skinny jeans into.  I've been shopping a lot and was beginning to think this year was no exception... until finding Mr. Roberto Del Carlo.  Finally, I've met my gorgeous Italian!  Modern. Authentic. Superior.  

Roberto Del Carlo began as a small artisanal workshop in the Tuscan hills of Lucca.  Fully committed to traditional techniques and fine materials, combined with modern design are the key ingredients to their continued success since 1997.  A rarity and rather nice bonus, everything is made in Italy!  For someone like me, who's always looking for content rather than a designer label, you simply cannot get any more authentic than a brand like this.

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