[Fashion & Styling] Danish Fashion icon - Designers Remix

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For sentiment's sake, this was one of my all time favorite Promesse ads (425 Magazine, Nov/Dec 2008)

Do you own items that you repeatedly get compliments on wherever you go?  Now that the temperature has dropped, I finally reorganized my closet.  During this time-consuming yet fun exercise, I realized most of my coveted pieces are by independent brands with fresh, effortless, edgy yet timeless design aesthetics.  

To start off, Designers Remix- an amazing Danish brand that I used to buy for my former boutique.  It was a brand that we carried for many seasons before they decided to stop selling in the U.S.  For DR fans, I have good and bad news.  The good news is they've launched an E-Commerce site, the bad news is shipping is only available in the Norwegian countries.  So unless you or you have friends who travel frequently to Denmark, Sweden, Norway or the Faroe Islands, you're out of luck my friend!  On second thought, there might be a few other upscale boutiques who may stock Designers Remix.  The question is which ones?  If you know of any, do tell!  

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