[Design & Staging] Living Room Design Tips

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Modern Living Room design by Orlando Architect Phil Kean Designs

When hosting, have you noticed no matter how cramped your kitchen is, your guests seem content not to venture out?  We all know kitchen is the heart to the home, so perhaps it's the most familiar, thereby comfortable place whether it's at their own home or someone else's.  Next time this happens to you, gently usher your guests into the living room, where it is actually more comfortable and intended for post dining entertainment. 

I think the most important design factor to any living room is to create a stunning focal point. Historically, this being either the fireplace/mantel or the entertainment center.  Here, I want to add crown molded ceilings (pictured above). Whether it's a functioning or decorative fireplace/mantel, you can add interest by using unique textured wall panels around it, hang a masterpiece artwork above it, or decorate it beautifully with sculptures, books, candles, and over-sized vase with fresh flowers.  An entertainment center that is well organized saves you space, creates ease and flow, and often defines the character of your living room.

If you don't have a fireplace and could care less about keeping up with modern day (TV/media center), look around your living room to identify the possible focal points; think creatively.  For example, floor-to-ceiling windows, or bay/bow windows are fantastic features.  Exposed brick is another interesting feature.  You can use it as wall accents or center columns.  A more budget friendly alternative is designer wallpaper covering.  Subtle or bold, try various designs & colors and switch it up every few years... it's temporary!

Attention grabbers like these might not be substantial enough as the center focus, but they sure would make good conversation pieces.  Plus, I just love the mix of fabrics and textures on this chair & ottoman!  


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