[Fashion & Styling] Style My Date!

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sexy, trendy, frilly gone wrong

sexy, trendy, frilly done right

I have a hard time believing people when they say they are fashionably challenged; until my friend reminded me how terrible I'm with directions.  What's the big deal with a little detour from point A to point B?  Nevertheless, our little discussion triggered an idea, how fun would it be to style real people before they go on their dates?  
With all the upcoming holidays and festivities, what better time to start this "Style My Date" monthly post than right now!  "Style My Date" has a catchy ring to it, but it doesn't just pertain to date outfits, I'll gladly tackle any fashion dilemma.  SEE BELOW for details.
How?  Submit a picture (6" wide or 500 pixels) of yourself in the outfit you plan to wear on your date, and briefly explain what the occasion is for.   I'll tweak it or re-style it accordingly based on your physique and the occasion.     
When?  The blog post goes live at the last Wednesday of each month, beginning next Wed 11/28.  So feel free to send in your lovely mysterious (heads off, blinded, sunglasses-clad...) pictures by next Monday 11/26!

This first round may be rushed, but starting in December, you have the entire month to submit pictures.  Can't wait to go on "our" dates!

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