[Fashion & Styling] All I Want for Christmas Is...

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All I want for Christmas is...
All I want for Christmas is... by theedgytimes featuring:

All I want for Christmas is... good health, that's what we are supposed to say right?  Well, what I really want are all of these gorgeous pieces.  Christmas and New Years are just around the corner; and this fully accessorized outfit is perfect for any holiday soiree.  I usually stay away from black, unless it has some interesting elements to it; and indeed this dress embody a unique cut and style.

With a single thin shoulder strap, flower applique on the opposite shoulder, and cascading gathers around the waist, it would be ashamed to hide such skillful details.  I think a French chignon will do the trick to help create an effortlessly chic look, don't you? Nevertheless, black is black, which can be dull.  I say a simple solution to that is by adding a pair of statement shoes and/or cool clutch  to bring the dress to life!
Lastly, the Cartier Roadster watch has sadly been on my wish lust list for years.  I just can't seem to justify such a splurge.  Perhaps; Santa might be feeling extra generous this year.  I really have been a good girl.    

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