[Fashion & Styling] Belstaff Pre-Fall 2013

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Pre-Fall is an increasingly important in between season (prior to fall collections) for designers and retailers.  Though unnecessary for some shops, I can see the value as it can breathe new life to a drab end of season inventory stock list.  Being less interested in transitional collections myself, I only breezed through the Pre-Fall 2013 runway slideshows.  
To my delight though, one particular collection seriously caught my attention! Belstaff, a British heritage brand founded in 1924, was full of cool low-key pieces. "Hardware is our jewelry" explained Martin Cooper, its CCO, and I agree, details like lamination on knits and over-sized zippers definitely coolified (here I go again, making up my own words) the collection.  

Belstaff started off producing waterproof outerwear for motorcyclists, and it was the first company to ever use waxed cotton.  Since it's revival in 2011, it has become a global luxury lifestyle brand.  Now, the fearless explorer and fashion enthusiast alike can discover an easy yet refined luxury at any approved seller of Belstaff products.

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