[Fashion & Styling] Hoss Intropia

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One of my absolute favorite brands is a Spanish line called Hoss Intropia.  This says a lot and I'll tell you why.  My biggest frustration as a Buyer was finding amazing young (or youngish) brands that didn't stick to their core value and aesthetics.  Hoss Intropia was one of the few exceptions.  
Since launching in 1994, they have been quite consistent with their brand concept which follows a famous quote by Virginia Woolf “Dresses, though they may seem frivolous, have a much more important role than merely covering our body. They also change our vision of the world and the vision the world has of us”.  With every new collection they try to create an original, feminine product from varied inspirational sources, with a unique relationship between price, quality and exclusivity.

Their collections are generally enormous; each piece is so individualistic yet collectively cohesive.  I always felt like a little kid in a candy store when I previewed their seasonal collections at their New York showroom.  Currently, their distribution is limited in the U.S., but the good news is they are coming soon (S/S 13) to select Bloomingdale's!  Stay tuned... 

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