[Design & Staging] Paint & Wall Coverings

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[#1] Contemporary Entry design by San Francisco Interior Designer Faiella Design

[#3] Contemporary Powder Room design by Cincinnati Design-build Albrecht Wood Interiors

[#5] chalk board wall kid's bedroom

Long past due is the "paint and wall covering" discussion I promised in my LIGHTS, Camera, Action! post.  Again, with paint/wall coverings, you get the best bang for your buck quickly.  These days, there are numerous options to cover those ugly bare walls.  Some more permanent (require more effort to change/remove) than others, so be careful how you choose to decorate them.

If you intend to stay in this house no longer than 5 years, play it safe and paint with neutral colors like picture [#2] for the purpose of resell value.  While white is neutral, stay away from the mental institution stark white... too depressing?  If this is your dream house or at least you think so, then have fun, be creative, inject some quirkiness to it and really make it YOUR home. Picture [#1] is a good example of bold, bright yet balanced coloring, quite contemporary. [#3], I love how Albrecht Wood Interiors mixed the faux painted walls with bowl sink for a modern yet traditional (a bit of an oxymoron?) feel.

Other wall covering alternatives include the innovative chalk board [#5], which is excellent for the kid's room or kitchen, wall painting [#4], which is an easy way to define a theme or add color to spruce up a room, and lastly, the everything old is new trendy wall papering.  Have you tried any of these and in which rooms?

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