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no muss, no fuss holiday look

no muss, no fuss beauty tools 

I shared my wish-list, as well as, my holiday attire styling tips earlier this week, so why not follow up with some beauty tips?  And what better way to introduce our very first beauty post than from the beauty experts at Kathy Evans Beauty Studio!  Kathy Evans has received much editorial recognition, including a recent feature in Seattle Met Bride and Groom.  So without further ado, here is Kira Bottles from KEBS... 

Well ladies it’s that time of year again! The time when the cute little clutches come out every other weekend for a fabulous party; and sparkle, glitter and shine are practically mandatory…  My favorite bag of the season is this Edie Parker Clutch!  Each year as we dig out our fabulous little bags we remember how hard it is to fit everything in them!  So here is my list of must have beauty products every woman needs in her hand bag this holiday season!

First a few basics… If Mother Nature decides she isn’t in the holiday spirit she can wreak havoc on your perfect updo or fabulous blowout.  Put at least four bobby pins in a matching color to your hair and a thin hair tie in your bag. (Goody makes bobby pins and hair ties in a wide range of colors and sheens that are sure to match you hair color.) This way you’re prepared for a quick repair job if a curl falls out of place, or your blow out suddenly goes flat thanks to that crackling holiday fire.  Pull your hair back in to a sleek pony or tight chignon and you will be back to the party in no time.

Speaking of that crackling holiday fire… we have all been to parties where the heat just becomes too much for our skin to handle! Between the large groups of people and the heat turned up so we can wear that cute little sleeveless number; sometimes our skin takes the hit… A small compact of powder is a must! We prefer Mac Blot powder as it has no color and goes on sheer. Remember to press the powder in to your skin. If you wipe it across your face you can come out looking streaky.

With all those glasses of champagne and cocktails you’ll have to have a lip touch up in your bag as well! Our favorite trend this holiday season is a bright red lip. Mac Runaway Red is the perfect red for a pop of color with a creamy finish! Layer this with Mac Cherry lip pencil for color that will last.  For more tips on how to create the perfect red lip for this holiday season click HERE.
We hope these tips will help all of you ladies stay super chic and in the holiday spirit this year!  Feel free to ask questions or make comments. 

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