[Fashion & Styling] Johanna Ho Fall/Winter '13

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Johanna Ho F/W 2013 runway

Johanna Ho F/W 2013 collection

F/W 2013 collection details

new year, old friends

Wow, it feels like I have abandoned you, my dear readers.  It's good to be back and am excited to share with you my journey.  Hong Kong fashion week was definitely productive and fun for me.  I won't go into all the details, but among the highlights were discovering some super talented designers (discuss later), finally met Johanna (her background here) and were invited to her design studio for an up-close preview of her F/W 2013 collection, and dined with good friends whom I haven't seen in years, including my college pal Michael Tong.

With highlights also came mishaps like a misbehaving camera.  Luckily, I fixed it just in time for Johanna's show (last on the catwalk roster) but sadly missed all the others. Despite her credentials and fame, Johanna Ho still approaches design the way she wants it.  In her studio hidden in an old building in the Jordan area, she experiments with new techniques that create surprising effects while reducing material wastage.  Ever so calm in her demeanor, Johanna came across as a sharp, commanding yet compassionate leader. She explained her insistence in hiring local tailors and pattern makers not only because she can benefit from their quality work, but she sympathize these skilled workers who had lost their jobs as production moved to Mainland China.  

The Johanna Ho F/W2013 collection was yet another demonstration of her design philosophy; a tightly well edited collection that continues to speak to fashion lovers with its rock-n-roll-meets-vintage flair.  By injecting interesting elements into her beloved knitwear and playing with textures, as well as, utilizing new hand-knitting techniques.  She is pushing the boundaries of knitwear by mixing it with materials such as mesh and PVC. Generally speaking, mesh and PVC connotes certain distaste but somehow the queen of knitwear manages to play it up tastefully.  Fantastic job, Ms. Ho!  


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