[Fashion & Styling] Hong Kong Fashion Week

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With all major cities vying for the fashion capital title, it seems as if there is a fashion week every month globally.  Coming up next week is the Hong Kong Fashion Week.  For this, I am thrilled as I've been invited to attend their fashion extravaganza 2013, courtesy of the HKTDC World Boutique!  This may come off as a bit politically incorrect, but for as long as I have been in the industry (long time), and as a Chinese immigrant, I dare to proudly say Asian fashion designers are unequivalently talented. Alright, no need to ban my blog!  I'm simply saying there is a significantly large pool of fresh creative minds... think Alexander Wang, Derek Lam, Peter SomPhillip Lim and others.       

The goal of my trip is to discover young designers that may be established in their native countries, but aren't quite known in the U.S. yet.  Two of them I'm keen to meet are Hong Kong designer Johanna Ho, and London designer Holly Fulton.  While I've done business with the Johanna Ho (above) brand back in 2005, I've never met her in person; though always a distant admirer of hers.  Johanna graduated from Central Saint Martins in London in 1997, and has had continued success since.  In addition to designing and running her boutique, she is also styling the wardrobes for famous Asian artists and celebrities like Faye WongKaren Mok, and Josie Ho.

Holly Fulton, a London designer known for her complex graphic embellishments, interesting twists, and digitally manipulated prints mixed with unusual fabrications.  Her label epitomizes modern relaxed luxury, perfect for today's confident women.  Speaking of which, I can hardly contain the joy of meeting some of these women next week!


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