[Fashion & Styling] Top 5 Low-rise Ski Pants

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Bogner Jet ski pants

Descente Circuit ski pant

The North Face Shawty ski pant

Descente Linda ski pant

Helly Hansen Legend ski pant

Am I ultra picky or do you have a hard time finding sexy low-rise ski (and hiking) pants too?  Let me be clear, I don't mean low-rise as in Frankie B. type of low, where you unbashfully endorse your Calvin's like Marky Mark of the early 90's.  Now that ski season is in full bloom, I'm obligated to finally take some ski lessons so that I can join in the family fun.  Call me crazy, but I'm convinced that I will do better if I have the proper gear; which by my definition is to look good and hopefully not freeze to death.  

So first thing's first, let the sexy (even mid-rise will do) ski pant hunt begin!  One thing came to mind as I surfed the various e-commerce sites.  They really should list the rise (distance between crotches to waistband) specifications!  Many rounds of guessing games and too much time consumed, it proved to be a bigger task than I anticipated. There were so many brands ranging from low-end/low performance to high-end with stylish looks and tons of high performance elements like waterproof, moisture permeability, and all kinds of insulation.  It was difficult to narrow down the choices to say the least, but here are my top 5.  Please bear in mind, as a non-skierI'm obviously less concern about the performance factor.  If you're an avid skier, by all means share your two cents here in the comment section.  We'd love to hear from you!


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