[Fashion & Styling] Seattle Shopping Scene

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I believe there was some concern with my previous entry titled Top Seattle Boutiques, where I named one Seattle and two Bellevue stores.  As a Boston/NY transplant, maybe someone can finally help me understand the divide between Seattle and the Eastside. Seattle really isn't a big city, and definitely not a big shopping city.  It is located approximately 10 miles west of Bellevue.  If I'm a reader from outside of Washington, chances are I wouldn't even know where the Eastside is in comparison to Seattle.  For the sake of making it easier for the rest of world, I had simply titled it Top Seattle Boutiques.

Of course, I have other favorite shops too, like TotokaeloLes Amis, and Sway and Cake. However, considering there are only a handful of quality boutiques, shouldn't we come together and support all of them?  Hopefully, there will be a time when we have an abundance of upscale shops to fill the region.  At that time, we can probably begin to segment them into distinct shopping destinations as we do with SOHO, Nolita, Fifth Avenue, Upper-Eastside... etc.  We are just not there yet.  On that note, if you know of any new exciting incoming high-end shops, feel free to comment or share it with us here


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