[Design & Staging] Stylish Office Organization

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I dread doing monthly bill (who doesn't?), but it's easy-peasy compared to tax filings and return preparations.  That time of year is upon us again, unpleasantly time consuming yet unavoidable, I must face this formidable task.  "You can do this, once you start, it's no big deal," my inner voice tells me.  As you can see mental readiness is important, and a giant pot of coffee helps too.

Just as the old adage goes "a cluttered desk is a cluttered mind"; so first off, clear out your desk, set your shredder ready and start by separating your paperwork into three piles- 1 to file, 2 to shred, and 3 to pay (and/or action required).  In today's tech age where files often are digitally stored, shred away as cabinet space tends to fill up quickly.  For hard copies that must be kept, I find accordion filers extremely purposeful, but I use it in particular for organizing my receipts by month.  If you have chicken scratch penmanship like me, a P-Touch label maker also comes in handy.  It matters when all the files are in order and look unified.  So color coordinated hang files for each category is ok, but too many different colors will only cause confusion.  Finally, use a concealed organization system like the home offices pictured above.  

Now onto the bright side of this mundane task-- just hit the reset button and incorporate some of these neat ideas to your filing system.    

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