[Fashion & Styling] Valentine's Date Looks

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The sophisticated Reiss asymmetric cowl neck dress, The sexy Halston off-shoulder dress 

The fancy Alice fitted bodice lace dress, The casual Olivia slouchy sequin top/faux leather jean 

The classic Rachel v-neck dress, The bohemian print Vanessa silk shift dress

Valentine's Day is an occasion that drives everybody crazy; guys panic with the expected romantic planning, and girls get upset from disappointments.  I for one have been there... in my early twenties though.  Now as a "grown-up", I like to say it's just another day.  Or is it? Last year around this time, I realized Valentine's Day is more meaningful than the romantic notion between a boy and a girl.  Thanks to a girlfriend who hosted a Valentine's Day party for the kids, I was made aware of the impact it had on friendships as well.  Cupid was on a rampage!
Depending on your mood, here are some Valentine's Day fun ideas for you.  If you're the social butterfly or hopeless romantic, here is a dress guide for your celebratory night out. Whatever attire is called for-- sophisticated, fancy, or casual, just be sexy, be comfortable, and have fun.   

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