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Hello there, TET Fans!  It's Holly here again.  Thanks to your kind words and support last week, I'll be back for beauty or lifestyle topics on a weekly basis! 

Bare Mineral "Sparkplug" lipgloss | Clé de Peau Beauté concealer

Lip-gloss: Bare Minerals-Marvelous Moxie "Sparkplug."  Don't you love the name?  I recently found this lip-gloss and thought it's worth sharing.  It has peppermint in it which naturally plumps your lips.  It smells outstanding, and it isn't tacky yet sheer enough to wear with smokey/dramatic eyes while lighting up your lips.

Concealer: Clé de Peau Beauté concealer.  True story.  I knew a lady that was so afraid to commit to this pricey product that she asked for samples of it for 2 months.  Clé de Peau is highly editorialized and continues to win major awards year after year.  Three kids in 6 years equals about 2 years of lost sleep, I need and deserve to have the right product.  Anyway, Clé de Peau is worth all the hype and every penny- it really is as good as all of the magazines & online reviews say that it is.  It moisturizes just enough without becoming smudgy, and it stays on all day. 

OPI's "Jade is the new black"  

Nail Laquer: OPI "Jade is the New Black."  The woman next to me on the airplane took a picture of my toenails because she said she loved the color (I thought it was because she had too many glasses of Merlot and was worried she'd forget the color/brand that I told her 5x). Whatever the case, I took it as a compliment & thought I'd share it with you.

EO/Be Well organic Bath Salts | Trader Darwin's Melatonin Natural Sleep Aid

Relaxation: EO/Be Well Bath Salts.  My favorite is Eucalyptus & Arnica. The 22 oz. container lasts about a month at our house because the entire family uses it.  My hubby and I use them when we are exhausted or sore from working out. The kids love this bath to help them fall asleep.  Whatever the reason, when we take a bath with these natural salts, we end up smelling like we've been at a Spa. 

Natural Sleep Aid: Trader Darwin's Melatonin.  Sometimes I can't sleep.  Here's what I do when it happens; take 2-3 TJ's Melatonin with a chamomile tea.  Follow by a hot salt bath.  Be sure to set alarm for the morning just in case this "beauty rest" goes overtime. Chewable tablets kick in faster than swallow tablets plus these are way tastier too.

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