[Live Life] Prize Winner + Beauty Regimen

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my makeup bag

my (almost) daily beauty + skincare products

I am passionate and knowledgeable about fashion.  Beauty on the other hand, the extent of my expertise would be no more than that of today's young teen.  See, I'm simply not that adventurous with testing out new products.  Once I find what I love, I stick with it until it gets discontinued.  Seriously, there have been many.  

My daily beauty regime consists of 3-step skincare and fairly minimal makeup. Consequently, it is only fair that you get sound advice from someone who knows her stuff. Is there really a difference between the million types of makeup brushes?  Starting next Thursday, our "beauty queen" guest blogger will be answering questions like this and sharing loads of beauty tips!    
L to R:  Sisley brow pencil, Shu Uemura eyelash curler, Talika eyebrow lipocils, Dior Show mascara, YSL concealer, BlistexLaura Mercier lipstick, Nars blush, Stila brush, Kate Somerville facial cleanser, Cyto Cell eye cream, Daily Deflector moisturizer.

Any New York Prize Giveaway

Dun Dun Dun!!  It's time to congratulate our first prize winner- Wendy Wallach Zephier, you're the lucky winner to these gorgeous gold Any NY earrings!  Thanks for entering and we'll be in touch shortly.  

When I made the announcement for you to enter our prize giveaway last Tuesday, I said it would be as easy as 1-2-3, but judging by the small amount of participants, you didn't believe me.  Head shaking in disbelieve.  Was the time frame too short?  How can I make a conspicuous announcement next time?

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