[Fashion & Styling] Any NY + Prize Giveaway!!

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oxidized silver | gold lava flow ring

lava stream gold & oxidized silver ring | vine gold & oxidized silver necklace w/raw diamond

lava stream oxidized silver sapphire necklace | lava stream gold earrings

Jewelry designer- Naoya Terada began her journey of jewelry making while attending FIT in New York.   During her internship at Jeff Cooper- a leading bridal jewelry company, on a whim, she submitted her work into the women's jewelry association's diva design competition and won.  See, it never hurts to try!  This gave her the confidence to start her own label, and Any New York was born.

Since 2003, her collections have continued to grow and evolve with every season.  An artist at an early age, Naoya remains true to her heart and gains inspiration from her surroundings.  It helps tremendously that she lives and works in a city filled with multiculturalism.  The stark contradiction between her urban environment and the natural surroundings in which she was raised in Japan is the basis of her design philosophy.  She incorporates delicate details in every piece with a warm and playful spirit thus attaining bold intricacy and timelessness.  New York's colorful and upbeat vibe has broadened her creativity while continuing to blur the line between art and jewelry. Her distinct vision can be seen in her most recent series "Lava Stream" and "Climbing Vine".  Every piece from these two collections is created by melting or infusing raw materials and chain.  Her jewelry is truly well crafted and delightfully unique.  

Now onto the surprise...Are you ready for this?  For our very first prize giveaway, you might just be the lucky winner to own a piece of Any New York jewelry!  Invite your friends and join in the fun, here's how,  from now to next Wed. 1/13:

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  • leave your name and a comment (long or short, speak your mind) on this post to let us know you've done both above.  For example: "A. Smith here, I did it!" 
The drawing will be at random, which is why I need you to leave a comment on this post and/or give us a shout out on facebook.  It is as simple as 1-2-3.  The winner will be announced on Valentine's Day on TET, best of luck to you all!


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