[Design & Staging] Dramatic House Remodels Before & After

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Contemporary Exterior design by Chicago Design-build Benvenuti and Stein
After:  Queen Anne house

Traditional Exterior design by Dc Metro Architect Sun Design Remodeling Specialists
Split-Entry to a mix of French Eclectic and Gothic Revival house

Traditional Exterior design by Chicago Design-build Benvenuti and Stein
Ranch to a mix of Tudor and Stick House 

Traditional Exterior design by Detroit General Contractor M.J. Whelan Construction
Folk Victorian house to Neo-Colonial style

As time passes, our taste and style changes; so too is an owner's requirements of their home.  The 19th Century to 1940's were in favor of Tudor style houses with decorative half-timbering and heavy chimneys.  Ranch style homes were so simple that some critics say they had no style, yet they lasted for two decades from 1960's -80's.  Split-Level (aka Split-Entry) homes are a variation of the Ranch with additional levels.

No matter the popularity of a particular scheme, if your home was built recently, chances are it incorporates many styles from past periods.  Architects and designers call this new stylistic mix Neo-eclectic.  The before and after pictures above exemplify the aforementioned types of house styles.  Adding a story or two, or a house overhauls have such dramatic affect that I can't help but think land, land, location is the number one priority when purchasing a home! Think how often you can reinvent your dream houses.       

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