[Live Life] Top 5 TV Shows

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Downton Abbey on PBS

American Horror Story Asylum on FX

Up All Night on NBC

The Walking Dead on AMC
Criminal Minds on CBS

While the hubby is away at a Super bowl party, and my son at a friend's, I can finally catch up a bit to my favorite shows.  Am I the only one or have you noticed that in general there are better television shows than movies these days?  My theory is this:  (1) with more giant screens and home theaters on the rise while (2) steep movie tickets (est. U.S. average $7.78 now vs. $1.70 in 1972) and snacks at the cinema plus (3) the abundance of streaming resources (Netflix, Roku, Hulus) available, consumers simply prefer entertainment at the comfort of their own homes.  Hollywood executives and producers must recognize this and therefore are investing more in hiring good writers for TV shows. Just a speculation?

Horror, Drama and Comedy are my genres.  In addition to a few home improvement shows, these are pretty much the only series I watch.  
  1. Downton Abbey is a real tearjerker, but I don't mind the puffy eyes all in favor of its irresistible fashion transformations and bits and pieces of historical facts.  
  2. American Horror Storyboth season 1 & 2 have been so sick, twisted, at times confusing but always interesting that I'm literally hooked on this anthology. Unfortunately my love for horror films did not change as I expected it to with motherhood.  Luckily, when we have movie night, my son prefers to be alone in the next room watching his Deigo or Ice Age.   
  3. Up All Night, because life is about balance for me, I can relate to this show.  Aside from Comedic geniuses Maya Rudolph (remember her famous Donatella Versace on SNL?), Will Arnett, and Christina Applegate who really do share onscreen chemistry.  The funny writing by Emily Spivey makes it an entertaining half hour.  
  4. Criminal Minds, ah what can I say?  In its 8th season and yet still as disturbing as ever.  My husband thinks I've become paranoid because of this show, and my rationale is, a little paranoia only makes me more alert... nothing's wrong with that, right?
  5. The Walking Dead, I'm usually not a zombies fan.  However, in this uncertain world, I can almost foresee some sort of uproar in the not too distant future. Far-fetched?  Maybe.  Paranoid?  Probably.  Though I do wonder about humanity as a whole when faced with an apocalyptic situation.  When the time comes, I guess I'll be wearing the durable, snug fit of Dafna boots to better out run the zombies or crazies!

Can't you see the negative effect of too much TV?  Your imagination goes WILD, mine does anyway.  

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