[Fashion & Styling] Sneak Peek Splurge or Steal

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fellow blogger Henar wearing Isabel Marant's current season wedge sneaker

High-top wedge sneakers:  Isabel Marant | ASOS Deny | Giuseppe Zanotti | London Rebel

Spice Girls in their platform sneakers

When we say fashion is cyclical, we do mean it.  Just about every few years, a hot trend is recycled from the not too distant past.  Remember the platform sneakers in the 90's, catapulted by then popular band- the Spice Girls?  I don't think I owned a pair of sneakers up until then, and it was only because it gave me an extra two inches.

So to see wedge sneakers hit the masses is a bit Déjà vu but cool.  High top sneaker, stylish bootie combined with comfy wedge, how clever and why didn't I think of it?  Well, lucky for us, someone did.  Leave it to queen of urban chic, Isabel Marant started this trend last spring and the sneakers flew off the retail shelves.  Unfortunately, the price tag ($580+) isn't for everyone. However, I've scoured the Internet and found you quite the steal, starting at $43.85!  

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