[Fashion & Styling] Hipsi, the Hip Utility Belt

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Styling my favorite model/guest blogger- Holly at a Promesse shoot.  Image courtesy of Andrew Ness

If you ever watch America's Next Top Model, you would know drama is common at fashion photo shoots.  It helps to work with some if not an entire team of familiar faces. For this reason, along with my firm believe in a winning product, I was thrilled to collaborate with Hipsi back in December.  Hipsi is a pioneer in developing innovative flat belts.

Hip! Flat! Adjustable!  The ultimate hip utility belt  
model is wearing Battlefield buckle with bubbly belt  

No lump, no bump flat buckle is invisible even if silk blouse is un-tucked
outfit by La Ree boutique | model is wearing Eelskin buckle with black belt  

Choose from a wide range of buckle designs for the adjustable belts
Battlefield, Tigerlily, Drops of Jupiter, and Wild World buckles on black belts

Fashionable + practical = Hipsi belts
model is wearing Firework buckle and Equestrian belt set

me, working

The Hipsi line of belts were created by two clever moms who were frustrated with finding the perfect belt that can be worn with low-rise or high-rise jeans, and worn with a shirt tucked or un-tucked.  Hence, the Hipsi belt was born.  When I carried it at my former boutique, women of all ages loved it.  Practical yet fashionable, it is the ultimate flat belt! It literally fit every body type because of its easy adjustability from slot to slot (16 total) within each size.  I hate having to tug/re-adjust my jeans from playing with my child, so Hipsi is my go to utility belt.  This is not to say, you can't use it for decorative reasons to accessorize an outfit.  After all, it has a variety of really cool buckle designs that you can swap out to match different looks. 

If you're a TET regular, I hope by now it's obvious that we only endorse products, brands or services that we genuinely like, respect, and/or find interesting.  This is one product I highly recommend, especially if you have stretched out jeans.  Why replace the jean when there is a cost effective easy fix!


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