[Fashion & Styling] Italian Made! Ilaria Nistri Rogue

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cascading drapes

complex details

print expert

above are all from S/S 2013

f/w 2013 collection

As a perpetual fashion lover, I have gone through many fashion eras.  Distinctively, there was the punk style popularized by Madonna, the grunge fashion in part thanks to Kurt Cobain, the recurring preppy chic; I even had a brief Goth obsession.  Now comfortable in my own skin to not chase trends, I would say my style is effortlessly chic.  I like finding unique, handcrafted, edgy yet timeless products that require little effort to coordinate and still look good.

Ilaria Nistri is one of those brands that consist of excellent handicraft, unconventional shapes in precious fabrics, and always keeping the balance between tradition and modernity.  With fluid drapes and interesting folds, the contemporary pieces are usually versatile to be styled in numerous ways.

Launched in 2006, Ilaria Nistri and Simone Rafanelli founded Stilab S.r.l.  They worked tirelessly, side by side, dividing the work between them: Ilaria in charge of the creative side while Simone took care of the operational side.  Despite negative statistics that show more than half of partnerships usually end up in failure, this one proved to be a winning partnership that has only led them to thrive globally.  

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