[Live Life] Who's Bag Is It Anyway?

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by Holly
Happy Thursday TET fans!  The role of a purse in a woman's life has expanded dramatically since the early 1900's.  A purse can be used not only to carry things but also to express status, utility and fashion. It's the one place where we keep things that we might need while away from home or in an emergency. Ultimately, a purse is one of the greatest descriptors of a ladies personality - it's her main expressive accessory.

I've done a little "study" and asked a few of my friends and family to literally empty their purses to enable me to check out the "purse guts"  and see what I can decipher about their personalities.  Let's play a little game.  I want you to look at the contents of these purses and tell us what you can deduce about their owners.  Is she a stay-at-home mom, a corporate VP, or a grandma?  Sky is the limit!  These pictures speak for themselves, or not :)

The name of the game is to match each picture to a profession.  So zoom in, but before doing so, I'll share a few striking commonalities:

  • We shop at Sephora - see the L'Ocotaine hand cream in a couple of pictures.  Gift w/ purchase = we always like bonus gifts!?
  • We touch up our makeup (powder and shadow) throughout the day. 
  • We chew gum and we don't sleep enough (Visine).
  • We care a lot about our lips. Every photo has a lip product pictured; lipsticks, lipgloss, chap stick etc. 
  • We like to be prepared - check out those pain relievers, ear plugs and even a mace!! 
  • We love fashion. Just look at those purses and sunglasses.

How many of these common things can you find in your purse?  And what does your purse say about you?  Do tell! 



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