[Live Life] What is the Beauty Standard?

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(L) CRINGE!!  Photo-imaging of me at Calidora Skin Clinic.  How I truly look without any makeup, coupled w/ years of sun-damage.  (R) Wearing mascara, eyebrow pencil, concealer, blush & lip-gloss.  Natural beauty?  Maybe not, but I can adapt to what our society perceives as "acceptable" with a little help from my friends, (aka, cosmetics).

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Walking along the La Grande Rue in Saumur, France w/ my daughter

Hello TET fans!  I'm back from Spring Break!  Did you miss me?  My family and I were in France for a glorious week.  It's a beautiful country with delicious food, awesome landmarks (castles etc.), and naturally beautiful ladies.  I was inspired to write a post based on my observations during this trip.

Beauty.  Makeup + Lack Thereof 

I couldn't believe how many women in France; Paris, countryside and yonder, were sans makeup (also no hair extensions or Botox/fillers).  I noticed stained lips but very rarely did I see mascara, blush, and the rest of what I and most ladies here carry around daily in our purses.  In contrast, when traveling in Canada and the U.S., I notice cosmetic trends that can be almost comical.  I get it, we are all doing whatever it takes to makes us feel beautiful.  Whether it be: highly arched thin eyebrows, ultra rouged cheeks, bold colored pouts or big backcombed hair; we will try anything once to get a reaction from the world. 

After the France trip, I was left pondering the common "American" beauty standards.  Is less really more? What do you consider to be natural beauty?  Do we culturally fuel other women to pile on the makeup? And lastly, why is so much importance placed on our face rather than our personalities?  If we all innately believe that beauty is confidence and kindness, then why do we buy into what the beauty marketers set forth? Something to think about, right? 



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