[Fashion & Styling] Simply Jeanius! Spring's Top Denim Trend Breakdown

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Blue jeans goes with everything!  Boot leg jean tend to minimize the hips which is why it'll always be popular.  The boyfriend jean on the other hand tends to make most look dowdy despite it being a hot trend.  Distressed jean has become a summer staple, probably because it's a good refresher to dark denim for the winter months.

This hot trend may turn into a closet staple.  Think about it, we love the fit of premium denim because they make us look and feel sexy.  Though too much denim can get boring, so this in essence is a well cut, sexy trouser.  Choose either a timeless print or a bold eclectic print to show your avant-gard side.  It can go with a blazer or cashmere wrap.

White jeans are summer classics.  Especially a pair of boot leg jean, you can use it as an alternative to a pair of white trousers  White can be tricky for reasons like its sheerness and keeping it crisp clean.  The latter is surprisingly easy. Perhaps it's because I'm extra careful when I wear white, I hardly get stain/dirt on any of my white jeans...and I have a 4 yo!  Look for white jeans that are slightly thicker and remove the front pockets for the streamlined look.  Another option is to look for added interesting details like this Balmain tuxedo padded knee skinny.  I'm obesessed with it!  

My initial thought about pastel colored jeans was "I'm too old for this".  Now in it's second spring/summer, and with added color choices, I'm actually accepting it.  You won't catch me sporting the rainbow spectrum, but certain shades of greens, yellows and purples can be fun for a forty-something if styled properly with sophisticated tops. 

Thanks to 7 for All Mankind- the premium denim godfather who launched in 2000 and basically forever changed our dress code.  The name is based on the idea that the average person owns 7 pairs of jeans at any given time.  For a denim hoarder like me, I own about 50 pairs, and this is not counting the 40+ pairs I donated last year.  Definitely not your average person.  

Despite my good luck in the denim department, finding a pair of perfect jean is no easy task.  I was frequently told by former clients that "It's almost as hard as finding the right bathing suit"!  I keep up with all sorts of trade news and through experience; I can easily identify the reputable labels and what styles work for what body types.  However, without dedicated knowledgeable sales professional, I can see why consumers get overwhelmed when they walk into a store and spot piles and rows of all-look-alike jeans.  The best thing to do is try on as many brands as possible to find one that works for you consistently, make that your brand.  Keep in mind, within each brand there are different styles.  Skinny jeans may fit differently from boot cuts as they tend to run a bit snugger.  

Regardless of economic changes, people are more willing to pay for a pair of premium denim over other clothing categories.  Who can blame them?  Designer jeans fit amazingly well, it goes with anything (dress up or down), and no dry-cleaning required; in fact, you can wear the same pair for 2-3 times before having to throw them in the washer and dryer.  
  • Correct, I said dryer.  Unless it's raw denim (not pre-washed/pre-shrunk), you can turn the jean inside out before putting it in the washer, then dryer.  
  • Do wash/dry your raw or super dark indigo denim before getting it hemmed for shrinkage considerations.  
  • Make sure you do not hem your jeans too short!  This is a costly mistake as it will ruin the jean.  To elongate your legs, bring to your tailor the shoes you intend to wear the most with that particular jean, tell her you want the jean lifted about 1/2" off the ground with those shoes on.  The result is you should be able to wear it with both heels (approx. 2-3"h) and ballet flats/sandals.
When it comes to online shopping, I only buy trusted brands, especially with denim.  Most of these I've tried and find the sizing and quality pretty consistent, so if you have had similar experience, then feel free to shop directly from the post by clicking on any blue captioned links.  The homework is already done for you!


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