[Fashion & Styling] Jean Wearer Do's & Don'ts

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Diesel bootcut | G-Star geometric print skinny

G-Star aqua skinny | Jameela high-waist skinny

Guest Post by Catherine Lavinia

Old or young, it seems that everyone has a favourite pair of jeans in their wardrobe. But don’t let their popularity and ease of wear drag you into a false sense of security – just because everyone wears jeans, it doesn’t mean you can get away with throwing them on without thinking. There are still a few style dos and don’ts to bear in mind.

Do: try out new styles. Rihanna was recently spotted out and about in a pair of acid wash skinny jeans – a look which can be hit or miss. The jeans were definitely a hit for the Bajan beauty, who often makes the best dressed lists for her casual couture.
Don’t: insist on wearing a style that’s wrong for you. Simon Cowell was recently called Britain’s worst dressed man by the Telegraph due to his baggy, bootcut jeans. Maybe try a pair of skinnies next time, Si?

Do: if you’re buying a new style of designer jeans for the first time, try them on first so you know how they fit and look. Of course, once you know your size, you can go online and buy your Diesel or Levi jeans at Very.co.uk without a worry.
Don’t: assume that your normal waist size will apply to skinny jeans. If you really don’t have the time to try them on, buy a size larger than you usually would to avoid the dreaded sausage leg look.

Do: experiment with footwear. Don’t feel that just because you’re wearing jeans you have to wear trainers. Skinny jeans look fabulous with a pair of stilettos, for example, so the next time you have an evening to yourself, try out new jean-shoe combinations in front of your bedroom mirror to find out what looks good.
Don’t: wear longer length jeans with flat shoes, as it can look very weird where the hem meets your foot. Either roll your jeans up a bit, or invest in a pair of three quarter length jeans for summer wear..

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