[Live Life] Memorable Britain

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Brighton beach

Royal Pavilion

Neo hotel 

London calling!  Actually it's more like Brighton (UK) - sometimes referred to as London-by-the-sea calling.  My old friend, JN from Boston who moved to Brighton had been inviting my family and me to visit for some time.  Now whether it's spring break on the brain or just that we're mentally ready to travel overseas with a toddler, I decided to look into this popular seaside resort.  With Royal Pavilion, Brighton beach nearby and only an hour train ride to London, this is looking to be quite enticing.    

The American College in London | Marylebone High Street

Like New York, England holds a special place in my heart.  When I studied abroad in London (where has the time gone...sigh), I was this young innocent girl, bright-eyed at every turn and at everything.  I experienced numerous "firsts" there culturally and socially including: a train ride to the English country side, my first weight gain (10 lbs.!) due to my daily pastry/desert indulgence, my first encounter with Boy George, and my very first bob haircut.   

awesome hair salons | bob haircut

There were first-time experiences, and then there were fondest memories of England. One was Camden where I used to visit weekly for great second-hand clothing, accessories, and antique finds.  The other was Toni & Guy where I got my bob.  T & G was the "it" salon at the time, and I probably visited more than necessary, but I always felt like the pretty girl with bouncy hair in a hair commercial each time I walked out of that salon. Needless to say, I told JN that if I were to visit Brighton this year, I would need to hit those two spots. Ever so hip, she informed me that Camden is no longer the same, and I ought to try her salon Rush Brighton instead.  Nostalgia aside, her hair is admittedly shiny and gorgeous. I don't think she's ever had a bad hair day...I swear.  Perhaps, this could be my new "first' among others to be explored with the family!

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