[Live Life] 3 Easy Steps to Voluminous Shiny Hair

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3 Steps to Shiny Bouncy Hair by theedgytimes

Healthy dieting and regular exercise contribute a lot to our overall beauty, inside and out. I try to keep up with these 2 key elements.  As for products and tricks to enhance beauty? Just like my dailybeauty regime, I'm all about no fuss, easy maintenance when it comes to hair care.  Surprisingly through trial and error, and with the right products, I managed to find the simplest trick to getting shiny, voluminous tresses without a hair dryer.  It's as easy as 1-2-3!  Here's how:

Step 1- Shampoo and condition your hair with quality products.  Find a few that works for you and switch it up once in a while.  I have dry color-damaged (damn those stubborn greys) hair.   Pureology hydrating shampoo/conditioner and Moroccanoil moisture repair shampoo/conditioner happens to be my two favs.  Brush straight your hair and let it air dry.  The Eco-Friendly Bamboo Professional Ionic Vented Paddle Brush is a good choice because it dries fast and restores hair balance and shine.

Step 2- Put Velcro rollers on your hair when the hair is 80% dry (slightly damp).  Velcro Rollers are self-holding rollers.  No pins necessary, but I personally add pins for extra security.   Pick up a small section of your hair, put a roller under it, and begin to roll it towards your scalp (hair tip to hair root).  Repeat this process until all your hair are covered with rollers.  Remove rollers after 10-15 minutes or when your hair is completely dry.  I use this time slot to put on makeup and get dressed, how's that for time management!  

Step 3- Style with Aveda Brilliant Anti-Humectant Pomade.  Scoop out a dime sized pomade with your fingertip onto the palm of your hand.  Claps your hands and Rub the pomade evenly, then turn your head upside down, run your fingers/palm through your hair and voila! You’ve got voluminous shiny hair!  

Last tip: wash your hair every other day (keeps the natural oil hence shine); in between, use an Octopus Hair Clip whenever you need to put up your hair (while you cook, house choirs...etc.), and believe it or not, your hair will stay shiny and bouncy until its next wash.

Have you got some effortless beauty tips?  Please don't hold back and share it!


Moroccanoil hair conditioner
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Aveda detangler brush
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