[Fashion & Styling] How to Cover Up From Summer Heat to Office AC

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Alice and Olivia cascade cardigan

Tory Burch zip cardi

The Row oversized cardi

Carmen Marc Valvo graphic classic cardi

Summer is just around the corner, which means the sweltering heat from outside into office air-conditioning is also nearly upon us.  To simplify things, I tend to leave two cardigans at the office to avoid goose bumps and possibly develop a summer cold. Another good reason is you'll always be prepared to look professional in case of an unexpected meeting with someone important.

There are all kinds of cardigans, long, cropped, classic, oversized, zip-ups, plain, graphic prints...So on and so forth.  My advice for you is, if you feel comfortable about leaving behind your belongings, then invest in two good cardigans for the office (not limited to office use, so pick versatile pieces that you love).  Perhaps, buy one classically fitted for your dressier outfits, and the other a cool oversized or zip-up jacket type of cardigan where it looks great whether it is open or closed.  

If you don't know your colleagues well and you have no secured personal space, then buy two cheap pieces purely for the purpose of keeping you warm and covering those bare arms.  This way, if it's lost, it won't be as painful.  However, the styling concept should be the same despite the lower cost- pick two contrasting looks to work with different outfits.  

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