[Fashion & Styling] Discovering Genes@Co-op, Barneys NY

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work attire- especially loving my new Barel Ethical Luxury bag

leisure attire- ready to walk the distance

communal dining at Genes@Co-op

shop, eat and be merry

healthy lunch...not

It was so good to be in New York again!  A full year of not visiting was simply too long as I usually make two trips annually for the last 9 years.  There is something obviously attractive to me about the City- the energy, the fashion conscious vibe, and the no nonsense straight shooters.  The latter might not suit everyone, but I rather know than to guess what one is thinking.

Part of my assignment was to competitive shop, which landed me at Barneys New York- one of my all-time favorite shopping destinations.  The last few trips had been so rushed that I did not discover their new (not so new now, completed end of 2011) Genes@Co-op restaurant until now.  It is a communal style restaurant and takeout counter called Genes@Co-op after former Barneys CEO Gene Pressman.  Located on the eight floor and conveniently near oodles of denim, the restaurant is a casual alternative to Fred's at Barneys.      

I'll be honest, the food was mediocre (maybe just what I ordered), but I love the concept! Ready for this? The concept is to shop while you eat.  There is room for 30 diners, each of whom are spread across a communal table with a glass top over 30 computer screens; allowing each diner to digitally order off the menu and shop on barneys.com.  You can pre-shop conveniently and leisurely while enjoying your meal.  Whether you're dining alone or with friends, this is one dangerous place to be. With the glaring advertised digital content for specific brands, I call this evil genius.


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