[Live Life] Design or Hospitality, How Do You Rank B&Bs?

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delicious food the inn is happy to share, download their recipes here 

Abbymoore Manor in Victoria, BC

Follansbee Inn in New Hamphire

cemetery view outside some rooms (spooky!) | serenity, recreational activities

The Sunset Hill House in NH

picturesque wedding site | delicious food

Are you a fan of Bed and Breakfasts?  I love it for the atmosphere of warmth and coziness that traditional hotels simply can't match.  Although many are now trying, which explains why I am also drawn to boutique hotels.  Over the years, I have probably stayed at a dozen B&Bs from a beach cottage in Cape Cod, to a red barn in Vermont to a spooky inn (sleepless but laughable now) in New Hampshire, each provided lasting memories.

Aside from the obvious B & B, cozy bed and delicious breakfast, I find the decor fascinating.  The industry began to blossom in the U.S. during the 1980s; turning old historical properties into guesthouses decorated with antique furniture.  However, since most bed and breakfasts are owned by the innkeepers, who usually live on the premises; we now see a wide range of decor themes to match their different tastes and distinctive visions.

B&B's provide the most perfect setting for relaxation and healthy living, even if it's only temporary.  At good B&Bs, "customers" are truly guests, and it shows.  Innkeepers will gladly offer advice on where to eat, what recreational activities to do, and even point you to the most romantic spot in a nearby park.  It's that warm hospitality that usually brings them repeat customers.  For me, atmosphere/design, food, and hospitality are equally important, and am always seeking more B&Bs to add to my favorites list, so if you know of any unforgettable ones, please pass it on!  

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