[Live Life] Phantastic Makeup Transformations

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Hello everyone!  I have been on a forced vacation as my laptop was out of commission for a week.  Sad but true, my life revolves around my laptop a lot.  Somehow, I suspect many of yours are too?  On the bright side, while surfing the net leisurely on my iPhone, I came across some amazing work by these two fantastic makeup artists- Michelle (L) and Promise Phan (R).  

There are beauty gurus like Michelle Phan who shows us how to look beautiful everyday- dramatic or natural,  then there are makeup artists who really treat theirs or their subjects' faces as canvases for art like Promise Phan.  In case you're wondering if there is any relation between these two lovelies, there is.  They are sister-in-laws. Michelle is a giant web celebrity with millions of viewers for her beauty tutorials on YouTube.  If you ever check out her tutorials, you'll understand why the popularity. She's charming, magnetic, and savvy with producing fun quality videos.  For someone like me who is super minimalist with makeup, I was enthralled with her makeup skills and her effortless delivery.      

Promise as Angelina Jolie

Promise as Scarlett Johansson

Promise Phan as Princess Jasmine

Promise Phan's work of herself morphing into cultural icons reminds me of an earlier makeup genius and photographer, kevyn Aucoin.  Both are so talented that they can literally transform you into anybody using simple makeup, no surgery required.  While Kevyn had limited resources to get his name out initially, the world is within grasp for Promise...just take a cue from the sis-in-law!

Calista Flockhart as Holly Golightly in Face Forward by Kevyn Aucoin

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