[Design & Staging] Flower Power: What Type of Flower Are You?

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Orchid- with a huge variety, orchids are known for their beauty and exotic character.  Evolving through an intricate and interesting history (ancient Greeks associated it with virility), orchids are synonymous with love, beauty, and elegance.    

African violetA popular indoor plant with heart-shaped velvety leaves and violet, pink, or white flowers.  Violets connotes modesty, faithfulness, and loyalty | Calla lily- beautiful and majestic, but extremely poisonous, calla lilies signify beauty and innocence. 

Peony- is a sensual, aromatic flower that is full and lush all summer long. Peonies symbolizes purity, romance, and prosperity.

Protea- this unique flower derives its beauty and personality from its thick stalk and strong, radiant flowers.  Protea is one of the oldest flowers in the world, and it happens to be our national flower.  It has become the symbol of strength, diversity, and courage.

Gladiolus- striking deep long stemmed flowers are ideal for table centerpiece and/or tall floral arrangements.  It symbolizes generosity, sincerity, and infatuation

There’s nothing better than walking in the door and being welcomed by the smell of fresh flowers. Beautiful floral arrangements are also the best way to add color and vibrancy to your home.  Use simple vases as to let the flowers shine and be the centerpiece.  Low maintenance and long-lasting flowers/plants like orchids and proteas are ideal for busy moms and working women.  Besides, aren't they gorgeous?  So don’t wait for a holiday for an excuse to have arrangements around the house, get creative and decorate away! 

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