[Design & Staging] How to Maximize Your Closet Space

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attic closet

basement 2-story closet

boutique style closet

A cluttered space is a cluttered mind is how I feel about most spaces.  I'm definitely the opposite of a hoarder, yet I can see how easily your walk-in closets can turn into cluttered chaos if you don't have a streamlined organization system.  Depending on how much space you have, you can create an extravagant two-story closet, or get personal and design a chic boutique-style closet.  Either way, make sure you maximize your dead space.  For example, an unused attic, a corner of your basement, or garage.  Getting back to the closet itself, the best way to maximize space is to effectively use the corner (a carousel is one great idea), depth and height spaces.

Painting the walls and/or adding designer wallpaper can transform an ordinary space into a stylish, refreshing area.  Additionally, track or recessed lighting, and frosted-glass doors on any cabinetry will also add a touch of luxury.  Last tip, I find that if you keep your closet clean and tidy daily, it makes the morning routine much smoother, and picking out your outfits easy and fun.

Before you plan your closet re-design though, be sure to finish the following steps first:
  1. Access- Empty out your closet completely.  Place everything on your bed or best if you have a rolling rack handy.
  2. Sort- Create 3 piles of clothes on the floor: (1) donate/sell, (2) dispose/recycle, and (3) keep.  If you are like me, too lazy to sell anything on Craigslist or EBay, try hosting a swap party with friends (hopefully your friends will share your fashion taste). 
  3. Clean- Wipe down the closet walls, vacuum dust bunnies, and/or mop the closet floor.  If re-painting your walls are necessary, be sure to apply specifically formulated mold and mildew-resistant paint.
  4. Protect-  Lay out cedar wood and/or moth balls throughout the closet, shelving/drawer corners and floor corners to keep moths away.

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