[Fashion & Styling] Attention Boutiques! Farfetch.com to the Rescue

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Jose Neves | Founder & CEO of Farfetch.com

Farfetch.com, a luxury online marketplace uniting independent boutiques around the world 

Aurelie Bidermann silver lace bracelet, hail from Uzerai, Warsaw, Poland!

An example of how Farfetch.com promotes both the independent boutiques and designers

In an overwhelmingly digitized world, where innovative business ideas are king, it's refreshing to know Farfetch.com has old-fashioned, brick-and-mortar boutiques' backs. Jose Neves, founder and CEO of Farfetch (London based) is a self-proclaimed computer geek who began programming at age 8.  Judging by his retail network of some of the world's top curators (aka owners/buyers), I would say he's not your average geek.
Tech meets fashion is all the hype right now, but unlike others, Farfetch.com is a full service e-commerce platform for small, independent boutiques worldwide.  According to an interview with WWD, Farfetch "does everything for them, we offer a 360-degree e-commerce service, and provide them with real-time integration of their inventory systems, we also take care of the customer experience, the online marketing.  We provide them with amplitude and global reach.  We are very passionate about supporting independence in fashion." Neves said.  

As a former boutique owner/buyer, I'm thrilled to see someone's looking out for the independent shops.  Boutiques are the ones with distinctive viewpoints, often taking risks on unknown labels. Unfortunately, they are also the ones without big budgets where they can develop a full service e-commerce site, nor logistically make sense for them to own more inventory in order to accommodate for the flexible return policy that is standard in e-commerce.  Farfetch.com makes all of these concerns seem insignificant since they have the global reach, and they have one singular checkout process, no matter how many boutiques you choose to shop from (think Amazon.com, but for luxury goods).  They even deliver anywhere in the world, and all returns are free!       

So for luxury boutique owners, if you are an influential, forward-thinking independent retailer, and have not heard of Farfetch.com before, do some research on them.  In the ultra competitive retail arena, they can be a powerful partner.  Their current screening process seem selective, and highly focus on long established businesses, but you never know as they expand their network in the U.S.

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