[Fashion & Styling] Retro One-Piece Swimsuit

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Retro One-Piece Swimsuits by theedgytimes

Swimwear has gone retro!  We all know fashion comes in cycles, but like early 90's shoulder pads, the 40's/50's inspired high-waist bikinis should never resurface. Generally speaking, the female body today is not built for it.  We are more athletic, and the Barbie doll tiny waists are slowly disappearing.  The one-piece suit trend on the other hand is flattering.  The fresh designs with interesting cutouts and fun details are exhilarating.  For a long time, I shied away from one-pieces because it wasn't the "cool' choice, but now I actually feel the need to own one.  With a little one taking swimming lessons, it's just more practical for me. Besides, this could be a motivation for me to finally start that aqua fit exercise program.  Time to shop!              

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