[Fashion & Styling] Anne Gorke, Berlin Fashion Week S/S 2014

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Vladimir Karaleev | Marcel Ostertag

Asli Filinta | Achtland

Dietrich Emter | Dawid Tomaszewski

After enjoying mostly the outdoor recreations in Oregon since Tuesday, it feels so good to get my dose of fashion.  Berlin Fashion Week is ending today.  Thus far, aside from these fabulous looks, I've discovered yet another amazing Eco-friendly designer.

Anne Gorke was founded in spring of 2012.  Based in Weimar, where the world-famous Bauhaus style originates from, and its spirit is still apparent in the young design scene. Anne Gorke's designs feature architectural lines and sleek elegance with a bit of femininity.  She works exclusively with organic textiles of the best caliber.  What's even better is that everything is 100% made in Germany, which not only ensures fair conditions, but also meets the highest standard of quality and craftsmanship.      

It's always wonderful to see a young label thriving!  Having a clear vision and a consistent brand image is so important, and Ms. Gorke seems to agree.

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